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Inventory - French Colonial Army WWII

 French Colonial Army WWII

Big subject, multi-part, the subject that gives me more pleasure than any other.

7th Moroccan Division

Kitted out as per regulations for the 1930s period, these troops could see service in Morocco during the final conquest period to 1935; the in France 1940. We have used them against the Americans during Operation Torch (Nov`42) and against the Germans in Tunisia (Feb`43)

Rifle company 
With -
3 x 10-man platoons (2 x FM29, 3 x VB, 1 x 50mm mortar)
4-man HQ (2 officers, scout, RTO)

Composite Battalion HQ 
3 foot officers, 1 mtd officer + RTO
80mm mortar (3 crew)
MMG team (2 crew)
Moving MMG team (3 figs)
4-fig Gun crew (for 37mm infantry gun or 25mm AT gun)
2 mounted scouts
5 pack mules, 2 foot & 1 mtd handlers

Mountain Batterie
2 x 65mm + 4 mules

US 37mm DCC (Defense Contre Char) batterie
Only in Tunisia
2 x 37mm AT guns

27mm AC (anti-Char) d`marine batterie
Only in Tunisia
2 guns, 2 trucks + 4 crew

Portee 75mle1897
Part of the upgrade of forces ordered by General Weygand when he was overall commander of of the French Colonial Army after the armistice. 
He reorganised what was available and had some artillery units semi-motorised/portee`d (or montee to use the French parlance)
These units fought against the Anglo-Americans during Operation Torch and later against the Germans/Italians in Tunisia

This model based loosely on a photo has a much modified SHQ Citroen truck mounting a `75 from David Reasoner and an SHQ crew

White 50AM
Alby model painted to represent a vehicle of 5RCA in Tunisia

Vichy Troupes d`Marine
4 x officers, 3-man Hochkiss team, 15 men

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