Sunday, 15 October 2017


M4 mortar carrier

Another Matchbox M16 chassis this time converted to a M4 HTMC using Andy Grubb`s conversion kit, a scratch crew and some stowage.

French stuff

Various additions to my North African French forces

All figures by Early War Miniatures with some minor alterations as usual

Senegalese LMG team

Stretcher team

8mm Hotchkiss DCA team

Deserty British

A few additions to my desert British forces

Anyscale Models - Humber Utility car with added driver

Early War Miniatures
25ldr limbers

Classic Airfix
RTO and dispatch rider from their strongpoint set

US machine gun team, Mexico 1916/17

US machine gun team, Mexico 1916/17

Early War Miniatures figures


Friday, 29 September 2017

Trying to break my painting lethargy

Late war German platoon/squad

First time I forced myself to pick up a brush since July, I honestly couldn`t be arsed.

Elheim SS in smock w/STG44, old Battlefield SS in smock
 8-various SHQ late Germans
 10-man squad on the move


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Inventory - French Colonial Army Pre-WW2

French Colonial Army - Pre-WW2

Another big subject with loads of bits`n pieces

Foreign Legion Mtd Company

5 Mtd Legionnaires

Inventory - Riffi/Berbers/Goumiers


A huge mix`n match group from various manufacturers - Blitz, Friend or Foe, Force20, Irregular, Bandera and other odds`n sods
These can fight against my Spanish and French during the Riff War, serve with the French as Goumier or with the Spanish as Regulares.

 47 foot (includes 5 LMG teams)
2-man Hotchkiss team
Single mtd scout

Friday, 11 August 2017

Inventory - Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War

Nationalist Forces

4 x 10-man platoons (one has an LMG)
4 man HQ

Nationalist Cavalry
10 mtd troopers

Support and transport
75IG + 3 crew & truck
37mm AT gun + 3 crew & truck
Bilbao armoured car
4 x Krupp Protz trucks
KFZ15 armoured car
KFZ231 armoured car
Panzer I

Republican Forces

Militia Battalion HQ
14 officers and men (telephone OP, RTO), 3 cycle messengers

Battalion support
13pdr + 3 crew & truck
AT rifle team (2 man)
50mm mortar team (2 man)
Vickers MMG team (3 crew)
80mm mortar team (3 crew)
Ambulance (2 medical staff)
Armd truck
FA1 armoured car

2 x 34 fig companies (10 girls per company) each company has 3 x LMG
10 fig all girl platoon (the only element completed of 3rd Coy) 

Assault Guard
10-figure platoon